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We are a BIG family of indigenous Mexican origin "Tlapanecos (Me'phaa) established in Lee's Summit.Thanks to the location and altitude of our original town, the consumption of natural and fresh foods has been the basis of our diet (mostly Mexican corn).Now we have decided to share these flavors and culinary experience inherited by our ancestors, without forgetting the Mexican food from other states of our beloved Mexico.

Since we founded XABOO MEPHAA FOOD TRUCK in December 2021, this small Food Truck has become a staple of Lee's Summit. Serving hungry diners near and far, we continually change our location and evolve our menu, always keeping our dishes fresh and unique.Now we invite you to visit us at our new location Xaboo Mephaa Mexican Food & Bar.

Visit us and give yourself the experience of truly tasting Authentic Mexican food.

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